Best Mig Welders – Top Picks, Reviews & [Buying Guide]

Do you want to learn the art of welding or do you want to replace your welder with an amazing MIG welder? Indeed there are many options regarding MIG welders available in the market.

Obviously, if you will hunt for them you will end up being confused because of the versatility. To save you from that confusion we have done quality research to make your hunt, fun interesting and efficient. By the end of this article we can guarantee that you will be able to pick the best MIG welder for you from our top picks.

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List of 10 Best Mig Welder

MIG is a technique that is versatile and suitable for both thick and thin sheets. Likewise most welders use this technique as it is very flexible working on different material sheets. It is widely used in different industries and sectors as it accounts for more than 50% of almost all weld metal that is deposited. We have carefully looked over different MIG welders on the market and have chosen 10 MIG welders as our top picks. To get more familiar with these MIG welding machines check out the comparisons below to help you find the perfect MIG welder as per your needs.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur ScorePrice
Editor’s Choice
Hobart 500559 Handler 140
Hobart 500559 Handler 140
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Welds a variety of different metals
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Premium Choice
Millermatic 211 MIG
Millermatic 211 MIG
  • The multi-voltage options allows users to use this welder in a variety of places
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Handy Portable Mig
Lincoln Electric K2185-1
Lincoln Electric K2185-1
  • Highly portable
  • Fan cooling system
  • Economical
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7v Selections
Hobart 500554 Handler
Hobart 500554 Handler
  • Comes with 7V selection
  • Quick select drive roll
  • Safety short circuit protection
  • Built-in contractor
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Top Rated Mig Welder
Forney Easy Weld 261
Forney Easy Weld 261
  • 3-in-1
  • It’s easy to initiate the starting process and change settings
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210 MVP Mig Welder
Hobart – 500553 Handler
Hobart – 500553 Handler
  • A great option for newcomers
  • Spool runner for welding aluminum
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Dual Voltage Input Mig
Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 Mp
Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 Mp
  • Easy to use
  • Uses a 110V outlet
  • Great welder for the price
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Best Mig/Flux Core
  • 120V input power
  • MIG and flex welding capabilities
  • Ready for use anywhere
  • Easy to Setup
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Best Weld Aluminum Material
  • Two-step trigger
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Auto dual-frequency
  • Spool gun ready
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Automatic Feed Welder
Goplus MIG 130
Goplus MIG 130
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Works best on iron and steel
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What is Mig Welding?

Metal inert gas ( MIG ) welding is a type of arc welding technique which uses continuously uses solid wire electrode that is heated and fed into the weld pool via a welding gun.

In this case, the two metals or materials are melted together to form a joint between them. The gun inserts a shielding gas along with the electrode helping to protect the weld pool from airborne contaminants and impurities.

For the most part, we are done with the theory of MIG welding let us tell you its few applications. Generally MIG welding is widely used in most industry sectors and accounts for more than 50% of all weld metal deposited.

AS compared to MMA, MIG has the advantage in terms of flexibility, deposition rates and suitability for mechanization and production.

Hence, it should be noted that while MIG welding is ideal for splashing metal, a high degree of expertise is demanded from the MIG welder.

Altogether, The newbies should not feel disappointed because we have done many days of research to shortlist list 10 best MIG welders that are best suited for both hobbyists and professionals.

Best Mig Welders With Reviews & Buying Guide

Here’s a list of top 10 Mig Welders with reviews & buying guide:

Editor’s Choice
Hobart 500559 Handler 140

Hobart 500559 Handler 140


  • Voltage: 115 Volts
  • Amperage capacity: 25-140 Amp
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 13 inches
  • Duty cycles: 20% at 90 amps
  • Works best on: A great MIG machine for aluminum, steel and stainless steel
  • Material: Steel
  • Welding type: MIG welding

The Hobart handler 140 is a dynamic, trustable, power oriented and easy to use piece of equipment that is also remarkable value for the price it is available in.

Built under the name Hobart it ensures quality along with durability, it will not be wrong to say that Handler 140 is Hobart’s most popular MIG welder. It operates on standard 115V of domestic current.

As mentioned earlier the Handler 140 is an allrounder and perfect for the user who wants to work on auto body, household repairs, farm projects or yard art projects or simply for DIYs.

The Hobart 140 is a welding unit that provides nicely compacted MIG/flux core welding processes. Its popularity and simplicity can be comparable to many other models out there but they are costing more money—yet it delivers a respectively strong power of 140A.

To sum up, t this dynamic unit is one of the best MIG welders you will find in the welding market. This unit provides a duty cycle of 20%@90 amperes, certainly more than enough for everyday domestic DIY metal-involving welding chores and projects.

This MIG unit can weld items that are extremely thin for example only 24-gauge in thickness but also items that are quite a thick example: ¼ inch in thickness.

In fact, the Handler is the best choice for construction, maintenance, home repairs, farm use, rental shops, auto body work environments and every other welding task around the world.

Apart from this, let’s discuss Hobart 140’s weight. It is not as heavy in weight (compared to many professional welding units readily available in the market), hence making it easy to transport and carry around, especially if you will be using the unit as part of your wayfaring work routines.

Furthermore, it also does not take up too much space in your work van or truck or work station—and as welders all of us are aware of the fact that how important it is not to overload a work truck or station.

Looking for home use welder? check it out our Best Home Use Mig Welders.

  • Stable and smooth arc
  • Lightweight
  • Dual processing capacity
  • Best for small projects
  • Economical
  • Ideal for all sorts of small projects but not suitable for heavy duty jobs

Premium Choice
Millermatic 211 MIG

Millermatic 211 MIG


  • Voltage: Dual voltage ( 120/240)
  • Amperage capacity: 115 Amp
  • Weight: 0.01 ounces
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 11.25 x 12.5 inches
  • Duty cycles: 40%
  • Works best on: Aluminum, Steel and mild steel
  • Material: Steel
  • Welding type: MIG and Flux core welding

The Miller 211 MIG welder is an excellent MIG welder. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Indeed there is nothing that this amazing one can’t do.

Without a doubt for a welder in its class, it’s more expensive because it’s a Miller, the brand makes sure that you are paying slightly higher better quality machine with features that are difficult to find like Auto-Set and Smooth Start technology, etc. But it’s highly sustainable which is why this one is going to last forever.

This welder Includes: 10 ft. M-10 MIG Gun, 10 ft. Work Cable with Clamp, Built-In Gas Solenoid Valve, Dual Gauge Regulator with Gas Hose, Sample Spool of 0.030 in. Solid Wire, (2) 0.030 in. Contact Tips, (2) Hook-and-Loop Cord Wraps, Material Thickness Gauge Overall Width: 20-1/2″ Standards: CSA Certified Overall Height: 12-1/2″

Consequently, it is considered the best MIG welder because it comes with a solid-state contactor circuit making the wire ‘cold’ electrically (until you pull the trigger). This system makes this machine much safer than older MIG welders which lacked this technology.

  • Advanced automatic setup
  • Smooth start technology
  • Multiple voltage capabilities
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Lightweight design
  • Inverter based technology
  • A little expensive

Handy Portable Mig
Lincoln Electric K2185-1

Lincoln Electric K2185-1


  • Voltage: 115 Volts
  • Amperage capacity: 70 Amps
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 x 10.3 x 16.75 inches
  • Duty cycles: 20 at 70 Amps
  • Works best on: light gauge mild steel
  • Material: Metal

The Lincoln K2185-1 Handy MIG welder is an amenity welder unlike a powerful heavy duty welder. It is specifically designed for small welding jobs. As a result it has a small size and portable design.

The highly popular Lincoln MIG is suitable for beginners due to easy control, use and even to carry around from one place to another. The low amperage reduces the chances of injury during welding procedures because of this the machine cannot be used for powerful welding.

This Lincoln Electric MIG welder is a compact, light in weight making it a great choice for home repairs and hobbyists’ projects. It provides duty cycle of 20% @ 70A.

This portable MIG welder welds up to 1/8” mild steel. Additionally, it Operates off any 115V, 20 Amp household outlet Amperage.  The cold contactor safety feature keeps welding wire electrically cold until gun trigger is pressed.

Furthermore, it comes with adjustable wire feed speed control. It provides both types of Welds i.e MIG shielding gas-solid and flux-core, separately.

  • Portable
  • User friendly
  • Economical
  • Fan based cooling system
  • Wire feed speed adjustment
  • Low amperage

7v Selections
Hobart 500554 Handler

Hobart 500554 Handler


  • Voltage: 120
  • Amperage capacity: 125 Amp
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 18 x 24 inches
  • Duty cycles: 20%
  • Works best on: Thin materials
  • Material: Metal
  • Welding type: MIG/Stick and flux core welding

A powerful and market based branded MIG welder is- Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder. It deals with two types of welding techniques i.e MIG and Flux core welding. It works best on steel and stainless steel.

Absolutely, the best thing about this unit is that a person with low skill level can also operate it with provided guidance he receives from the manual that comes along with this welder.

Importantly seven voltage selections and infinite wire feed control makes this welder highly versatile and convenient.

Similarly, this better control is translated into better performance on arc. It produces smooth, clean, and better look of bead when the control is high. This voltage selection capability makes it one of the best MIG welders.

Hobart Handler 190 has a built-in wire feeder which ensures a quick release in drive roll level and speedy penetration.

Hobart 500554 not only has wire feed control but it also has dual groove drive rolls. This ambient feature makes it easy to switch between wire sizes quickly.

  • Self-resetting thermal overload
  • Motor protection
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Built-in gas valve
  • Capable of MIG/ Flux cord arc welding
  • Power cable is of poor quality

Top Rated
Forney Easy Weld 261

Forney Easy Weld 261


  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Amperage capacity: 140 amps
  • Weight: 19 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.7 x 12 x 8.1 inches
  • Duty cycles: 30% at 90 amperes 
  • Works best on: steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum
  • Material: Metal
  • Welding type: MIG, Stick and Flux cord welding

This is one of the highest rated MIG welders available in the market. Particularly because it is light weight, its input voltage is efficient, and the performance it provides makes this unit super easy to be used by amateur or expert welders.

It should be noted that most of the user reviews elaborate on how the welder performs better than many much more expensive ones in the market. This welder has so many benefits. Firstly, Forney Easy Weld 261 provides 120-volt input.

Now, why the input is of any benefit here? This 120V input means you can plug it in at your house. Secondly, it is very light in weight. Anyhow, these features are normally found in not mediocre welders, the Forney Easy Weld 261 has amperage capacity up to 140 Amp.

It works best on mild steel up to ¼” plate thickness. Also, you can increase the efficiency and performance of this welder by adding a lot of accessories to enhance your welding practices.

If you will contact customer support they will recommend a variety of accessories depending on the type of task needed to be performed.

Moreover, it has infinite voltage, which is not found in many welders. Also, this unit provides both MIG welding and flux core welding techniques.

Also, if you buy this welder it will come with a MIG gun and ground clams. Forney easy weld contains an integrated handle for portable handling and carrying. As a result, the portable handle also has a torch wrap and an adapter (20A-15A).

In addition, Forney welders are one of the most versatile models available, so as a rule, for the number of things this welder can do you also ensure economical budget and quality. Besides, it is not red or black like all other welders. It is a dynamic green color for creative people.

  • Easy to use and carry
  • Economical
  • Good for beginners
  • Comes with many accessories
  • Big enough to handle 2 and 10 pound rolls of wire
  • Wire feed rate is slow

210 MVP Mig Welder
Forney Easy Weld 261

Forney Easy Weld 261


  • Voltage: 155 V or 230 V
  • Amperage capacity: 15 amps or 50 amps
  • Weight: 87.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 18.6 x 13.2 inches
  • Duty cycles: 30 %
  • Works best on: Mild steel
  • Material: Metal
  • Welding type: MIG welding

Hobart is a famous brand in welding world anyone who’s in the welding business has heard of this name. Their products and quality assurance is out of this world.

The Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP is another example of what they have to offer for the DIY welders and hobbyists. It is also one of the best MIG welders in the market.

In particular, it comes with its own gun it is designed to handle Hobart’s spool sunner 100 and automatic feed gun along with the normal conveniences you would expect that might come with a product produced by one of the expert welding supply brands in the world.

The Hobart Handler 210MVP gives amazing welder portability and amenities through its multi-voltage plug. This multi-voltage option lets you plug the unit into any of the two either 115V or 230V outlet by a simple and easy change of the plug.

This welder’s work efficiency allows you to weld 24-gauage to 3/8in steel in just a single pass. Can you imagine how smooth its working capability is?

Moreover, it is an extremely versatile MIG welder and perfect for those welders who want to work on auto domains, domestic repairs, or even heavy-duty farm projects demanding more power.

As a consequence of outstanding features such as 7 output voltage settings and a dual-groove quick-change drive roll, Hobart Handler 210 is as dynamic as it is powerful and strong.

  • Superb Arc Quality
  • Wire feed is smooth
  • Good for beginners
  • Variable voltage control
  • Ground wire is stiff

Dual Voltage Input Mig
Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 Mp

Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 Mp


  • Voltage: Dual voltage ( 120/230)
  • Amperage capacity: 210 amp
  • Weight: 61.6 pounds
  • Dimensions:19 x 10.75 x 14 inches
  • Duty cycles: 25 % at 200 amps and 45 % at 100 amps
  • Material: Metal
  • Welding type: MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux cord

It is a Multi-process MIG welder for the hobbyist, educator or small contractor. It as a versatile unit that offers a variety of welding types like: MIG, TIG, stick, and flux-core. The digital controls and colorful display screen makes it user friendly.

The Power MIG 210 MP is a 4-in-1 welder that has multiple capabilities which means it provides MIG, TIG, stick and flux-cored welder techniques.

You just need to attach suitable torch and ground clamp depending on the process you want to perform on the task needed to be done.

Switch the digital controls to the MIG, TIG, stick or flux-core then check the gas connection and you’re ready to start welding using any of the welding processes mentioned above.

The versatile options of this Lincoln welder are due to the availability of dual voltage feature. So you can either operate it on your normal domestic 115V outlet or use a 230V outlet if you need more power for the heavy duty task you want to perform.

The unit has abundant power and unlimited wire feed speed ranging from 50ipm up to 500ipm.

Moreover, it can weld thick materials for example thickness of mild or stainless steel up to ⅜”. Additionally, it can also deal with 3/16” aluminum efficiently, but you are going to buy an optional spool gun for this type of welding.

On the other hand, flux-cored welding is suitable for working on thick metals. Lastly, for the DC stick option, this dynamic unit can handle up to 5/32” stick electrodes.

  • Four welding process in a single welding machine.
  • It provides Dual input voltage capacity.
  • It comes with plenty of power for a wide range of applications
  • It is popular for its strong and sturdy design
  • It has easy to use controls
  • Compact size
  • You can run this MIG welding machine even on a generator
  • It even has 2 built-in fans to keep the machine from overheating and keeping it cool always
  • Not good for heavy duty projects

Best Mig/Flux Core



  • Voltage: 208/240 V
  • Amperage capacity: 130
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 16 inches
  • Duty cycles: 30 %
  • Material: Metal
  • Welding type: MIG and Flux cord welding

Lincoln is one the top rated MIG welder machine present in the welding market because evidently it is durable and rugged.

Moreover, Lincoln 180 comes with everything possible in the form of a single unit that one needs for welding. It means you can start welding just after unboxing and setting the machine. Its built in gun can be exchanged with Magnum 100SG Spool Gun.

Moreover, the wire of this Lincoln Easy MIG 180 welder is also runs smoothly. The welding range of this machine is extremely high.

You can easily weld aluminum, steel and stainless steel and many different metals with it. The thickness ranges is from 24 gauge to 3/16 inches. Additionally, this product can weld up to ½ steel in a single pass.

Lincoln MIG flux welder is an excellent product because in this value for money you will get an attractive, durable and portable MIG welding machine.

Lincoln easy MIG comes with a warranty of three years. Last but not least, the Lincoln brand ensures the parts replacement of your welder with original Lincoln parts. It can be the best MIG welder you ever bought because of the customer its brand provides.

  • Great value for money
  • Comes with many extras
  • Good wire feeding speed control
  • Versatile in function
  • Simple to operate
  • Not good for stick welding

Lotos is one of the best brands present in the market for MIG welders. It comes with everything that one needs for welding. This unit comes with argon protecting system and roll feeding capability.

Lotos MIG 175 is also best for you if you want to use it for massive industrial project because it provides high duty cycles and powerful weld.

You can effortlessly weld steel, stainless steel, and aluminum perfectly with this machine because of its flux core and gas regulator option it provides. Moreover, it includes a variety of accessories that are necessary for welding.

Lotos keeps the customer demand its top priority, and because of that they provide amazing customer support to its buyers.

For this reason, Lotos has expanded its popularity all over the world. Additionally, Lotos mig175 175amp MIG welder comes with transformer technology of which makes it very dynamic and safe for usage.

One can smoothly run this 175 amp welder in any outlet having a 220V power supply.

  • It is quite easy to set up this welder
  • Having an arc system it gives smooth results
  • It comes with spool gun for welding aluminum
  • It is more durable as compared to other MIG welders providing same functions.
  • It is appropriate for heavy duty industrial projects.
  • It contains two electronic circuits for protecting the wire feeding motor
  • It provides a high welding ranged output
  • Works efficiently on various types of metals having different thickness
  • The wires of this welder are quite thin

Automatic Feed Welder
Goplus Mig 130

Goplus Mig 130


  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Amperage capacity: 50-105 Amp
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 12 inches
  • Duty cycles: 10%
  • Works best on: A great MIG machine for aluminum
  • Material: Metal
  • Welding type: MIG/Stick welding

The Goplus MIG 130 welder is a dynamic and durable machine, but with it comes with minimal welding power capabilities.

Undoubtedly, for such an economical price, you will buy an extremely portable MIG welder with multi-purpose tendencies.

This is why it is the best MIG welder for anyone looking to perform light weight welding tasks either in professional field or as a hobby. Moreover, it is a great MIG welding machine for thin steel welding.

Furthermore to MIG welding, Goplus 130 also offers flux-cored welding which makes it multi-purpose. This welder works on a voltage ranging from 110V/60Hz voltage, while the maximum power output can be upto 105 amps.

Importantly this welder comes with 4 built in heat settings, so you can opt for the one required for your specific task. This versatility allows to easily weld a range of metals and materials.

For example, if you need to make a deep weld, you must choose a high heat setting and adjust speed in accordance with it. The portability comes from its compact.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Perfect for welding steel
  • 4 adjustable heating
  • Two air-vent on the machine to make the temperature lower
  • Torch With Full On / Off Safety Control
  • Automatic Thermal Safety Protection
  • Comes with welding wire
  • Not suited for heavy-duty welding

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Perfect Mig Welder

If you are still confused and haven’t made any mind then give this part a read. Subsequently, we have provided you with following “things to keep in mind” while buying the perfect MIG welder for you.


Always keep your budget your first priority while looking for the most suited welder for yourself. We kept your budget in mind and chose 10 economical MIG welders but it does not mean you will get cheap quality MIG welders. Admittedly the units we chose give a variety of features that are best suited for all types of welders.


No matter how good a MIG welder is you need something which is easy to control. You know your welding skills better than us so it is totally your call to decide which welder will be easy for you to use and control and provide quality results.

Tasks needed to be done

Different welders work best on different types of materials. Some give best result on chrome-moly, some give fine weld on aluminum joints and some are efficient with steel. While buying a MIG welder keep in mind that will it be appropriate for the type of material you want to use it for.

Welding type

Although this article is all about best MIG welders as a sincere guide it is obligatory on us to tell you that different welders offer different types of welding techniques. Before buying a welder check if this welder is compatible for the type of welding technique you want to use.


Don’t buy a MIG just because it is cheap. Never compromise on quality. Firstly Check out the reviews and features of the unit you want to buy.

Duty cycles

The duty cycle is the percentage of how long can you use a welder before it overheats. Basically, a 5 or 10-minute period work efficiency (depending on the welder being used) that you can weld before the welder overheats. For example, if a welder has a 20% duty cycle at 80 amps over 8 minutes, then the welder can be operated continuously at 80 amps for 2 minutes before it needs a 2-4 minute break.

Gas vs less Gas

MIG welders need some type of shielding gas to keep oxygen away from the weld to avoid contamination.

The choices available for MIG welders are gas shielded (oxygen is displaced by an inert or semi-inert gas mixture contained in a bottled container) and flux-cored wire (where a protective covering is formed by a material included in the wire itself).

Both have pros and cons for each type of welding, but gas shielded is by far a better method to use.

Best Mig Welders Buying Guide

Aluminum is a tricky metal to weld with a MIG welding machine because it takes more heat than mild steel or other MIG friendly metals.

The minimum aluminum thickness you should attempt is roughly 14 gauge to 18 gauge. You’ll need a TIG welder for any metal or material thinner than that.

The most amazing fact about MIG welding is that it can be done on a variety of metal types, including stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, magnesium, aluminum, copper, nickel, bronze, silicon and many other alloys.

MIG welder is a type of welder that uses an easier type of welding technique for newcomers to learn. MIG welding is actually divided into two different types of welding techniques. The first technique uses bare wire and the second flux core.


It is time to conclude our article, we will be proud to know if you chose the best MIG welder for yourself from the above mentioned list. Therefore, we have keenly mentioned all the pros and cons, specifications, in depth product description of each MIG welder, and a critical comparison of the top-notch MIG welders for you.

Now, the clock is ticking buy a good MIG welder for you before it gets out of stock.

Our Best Picks

  1. Hobart 50059 handler 140
  2. Millimetric 211 MIG
  3. Lincoln Electric Powering k26185
  4. Hobart 50054

The above-mentioned welders are our best picks because they are the most popular MIG welders in the market which are satisfying thousands of customers with the quality they provide at such low and economical rates.

Hobart 50059 is our top pick because it is simple, easy to use, and compact. Milimetric 211 MIG is safe and reliable. It might be a little expensive but it provides the best services among all the welders mentioned above. Lincoln Electric Powering K2185 is best for hobbyists. Hobart 50054 is the best because it offers 7 voltage systems and powerful control.

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