Best Tig Welders – Top Picks with [Reviews & Buying Guide]

TIG welders are the outstanding and trending welding machines that are being utilized by most of the welders nowadays. The welding process stands out on the basis of providing more noteworthy operational power over the weld than some other similar welding method.

Additionally, the best TIG welders can weld a greater number of metals of almost all types than the other few welding tools. It additionally provides excellent clean welds with no spatter or smoke.

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List of Top 10 Best Tig Welders

Beneath, we’ve listed all the top machines and their brands like AHP Alpha, Miller Electric, Hobart, Lincoln Electric and Everlast, etc. After altogether surveying the advantages and disadvantages of every alternative, we set up a rundown of our #1-10 models for specific classifications alongside our most ideal decision generally.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur ScorePrice
Editor’s Choice
AHP AlphaTIG 200X
AHP AlphaTIG 200X
  • Superb Arc Quality
  • Excellent Duty Cycle
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Amazon’s Choice
Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD
Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD
  • High Frequency
  • Non-Touch Start
  • Well Functional Foot Pedal
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Best Value Professional Welder
Hobart EZ-TIG 165i
Hobart EZ-TIG 165i
  • Comes with new Tig Torch
  • Fan-on-demand Technology
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Best light job Welder
Amico TIG-160DC
Amico TIG-160DC
  • Run-on Low Power
  • Fluctuation
  • Excellent Duty Cycle
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Best Multiprocess Welder
Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter
Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter
  • 3 Different welding Processes
  • Powerful
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Mid-Range Model
  • Pulse Arc Capabilities
  • Tremendous Customer Service
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Dual Voltage
PowerArc 140ST
PowerArc 140ST
  • Dual Voltage Input
  • Stick & Tig Support
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TIG Welder, Diversion 180 TIG Welder, Diversion 180
  • High Frequency start
  • Less weight and size
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Best Tig for Aluminum
Lotos TIG200ACDC
Lotos TIG200ACDC
  • Good for Aluminium
  • High-Frequency Start
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Lincoln K5126-1 Lincoln K5126-1
  • Well Designed
  • Excellent Foot Pedal
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Best Tig Welders with Reviews

Here’s a list of top 10 tig welders with their reviews:

Editor’s Choice
AHP AlphaTIG 200X

AHP AlphaTIG 200X


  • Duty Cycle: 60% at 200A
  • AC Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Input Voltage: 110 – 220V
  • Amperage Range: 10 – 200A
  • Weight: 69 pounds
  • Dimension: 19 x 23 x 12 inches
  • Warranty: 3 Year

If you are searching for a Tig welder then the AHP AlphaTIG 200X is among the best TIG welders that can perform more than your expectations.

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is among the most trustable tig welder brands and commonly used for aluminum and stainless steel welding and often considered as the best tig welder ever, but it is also definitely superb for other types of metals. The AHP’s stick function permits professional and hobby welder a wide variety of useful features.

The AHP 200X can be used for household repairs, large welding purposes, or as a hobby tig welder to weld and take part in different welding operations. The AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG Welder is an AC/DC welder along with a plastic handle to provide extra safety and can function at 110 or 220 volts power output.

The incredible thing about AlphaTIG 200X TIG welder is, it easily reaches out to that extreme efficiency with more slender check materials where most of other tig welding units fail to reach. This TIG welder machine likewise works extraordinary with thick materials.

It additionally provides extremely comfortable and top of the line foot pedal which can give you extra control while welding. With improved functions and control, you can deliver far superior welds than typical.

The AHP AlphaTIG uses advance inverter technology with pulse width modulation utilizing IGBT technology which provides extreme quality welds.

The AHP may not be lightweight, yet it is helpfully convenient and portable plus easy to carry at 69 pounds with measurements of 19 x 23 x 12 inches and Tig welding equipments comes along with a warranty of 3-years.

According to the tig welder reviews, it is the best and most demanded TIG welder on Amazon right now and has maintained a tremendous rating as well. Check it out if you are looking for the best home use Tig Welders.

  • Works great on carbon, aluminum, and stainless steel 
  • Duty cycle is really good especially for hobbyist
  • Settings are very easy on this machine
  • Superb Arc Quality
  • Adjustable output frequency
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • Easy to set and user-friendly
  • Includes foot pedal with advanced controls
  • General construction feels very cheap
  • The fans are little bit noisy
  • Torch gets very hot while using

This product is fantastic if you need more quality welds without any delay and with perfect foot pedal as it provides top of the line duty cycles and comes with a great quality food pedal included in the box. This is the top-rated tig welder as well.

Amazon’s Choice
Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD


  • Weight: 53.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33.1 x 20.3 x 12.8 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Duty cycle: 40% at full amperage
  • Power Source: AC/DC Pulse
  • Touch control: 2T-4T

Weldpro’s Digital TIG200GD TIG Welder is extremely low in price and extremely rich in features. There is next to no contrast between this tig welding machine and numerous different machines at multiple times the cost.

If you are thinking of buying a tig welder in affordable price then It is the most affordable welder in this range of features; however there are few drawbacks to the machine, which we must mention in our review to provide the honest information.

The features are similar to the AHP AlphaTIG 200X and PRIMEWELD TIG225X TIG Welder. It’s intended for welding aluminum and accompanies a decent scope of settings to improve your welding for explicit applications.

It is also digitally designed and equipped with all the latest equipments; Start and end amps, upslope facility, downslope, completely flexible and adjustable pulse, AC balance, AC frequency, and 2T-4T.

It also provides an extremely comfortable foot pedal and amperage control. It includes MMA stick welding function with stinger within the box, whereas the torch is irregular and hard to use if you’ve utilized other TIG machines previously.

It comes with Euro-style light which becomes harder for people to adopt and get used to it, however, you can pay more for an optional CK Superflex Torch. Weldpro’s Digital TIG200GD is a high-frequency tig welder with a non-touch start that starts down easily and performs a good job guaranteeing the quality weld.

Generally speaking, it’s an incredible choice on the off chance that you need a machine that performs well at a significant level for fun lovers and as well as for industrial welders.

If you’ve low budget, then check out our reviews on best budget tig welders.

  • Variety of functions
  • Affordable
  • Pulse arc abilities
  • High-frequency non-touch start
  • Comes with a great Argon Regulator
  • Machine keep cool during high amperage output
  • Tig functions are very easy to use and great for learning
  • Comes with Industrial standard foot pedals
  • Torch is unusual
  • No option for “lift Tig” start
  • Noise could create issue if you are welding in EMF locations
  • Unstable Arc

The Weldpro’s Digital TIG200GD TIG Welder is an affordable and high-frequency tig welding machine for the person who wants to weld aluminum along with some nice scope of user-friendly options and flexible settings.

Prfessional Welder
Hobart EZ-TIG 165i

Hobart EZ-TIG 165i


  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 165A
  • Input Voltage: 230V
  • Amperage Range: 10 – 165A
  • Material Thickness – Steel: 22.00 ga. – 3/16 in
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Welder Dimensions: – 9.87” W x 23.87” L x 17” H
  • Warranty: 3 Year

If you are searching for a simple and easy-to-use, good tig welder, give a try to this Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i. One of its most great highlights is its Fan-On-Demand work. This component permits you to run the fan just when it is required, empowering you to get rid of the dust and particles entering the unit.

The Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG has High Frequency start to avoid material contamination and it can easily weld 22 gauges up to 3/16″ working the two different ways at the same time i.e,  AC (for aluminum) and DC for other materials.

The Hobart EZ TIG likewise includes Infinite Amperage Control that gives a more extensive working reach and better control of the weld although it has low duty cycles if that is your concerning point.

It is additionally a compact tig welder and lightweight as well since it includes inverter-based support and design and accompanies two carrying handles for incredible compactness. If you are new in welding, you can also read our reviews on the Best beginners welder.

The Hobart weight is around 60 pounds and it provides 20% duty cycle at 165Amps. It’s our most ideal choice for aluminum.

  • Infinite amperage control for more stable and consistent wildings
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comes with a new TIG torch
  • HF Start to avoid material contamination
  • Fan-On-Demand technology
  • High-temperature shutdown
  • Perfect for hobbyist and home use


  • Short Duty Cycle
  • Slightly expensive for home users
  • Lacks Foot pedal

Hobart 50051 EZ-TIG 165i is a mini tig welder and definitely the best option for all type of users, like home, industrial, or professional users. It is an extremely professional device with exceptionally advance functions like fan-on-demand, High-temperature shutdown, and it is best tig welder for aluminum and other materials.

Light Job Welder
Amico TIG-160DC

Amico TIG-160DC


  • Input Power: 115/230V/1/60Hz
  • Rated Input Power: AC 230V/5
  • Dimensions:16.6 x 7.5 x 11.8 inches
  • Duty Cycle: 60% at 160A,
  • Cooling: Forced Air Fan Cooling
  • Weight: 15 pounds

If you are searching for portable tig welders then the Amico TIG-160DC is an ease, double input 120/240 volt welding machine that can carried out at any place and plugged into almost any regular power socket. Rated to 160 amps DC power while running at 240, it’s equipped for DC stick welding also.

The 60% duty cycle at 220 amps is pretty great at this cost. Another great component of the TIG-160 is the high-frequency lift-type arc start. It is also multi-functioning 2-in-1 TIG welder; TIG / STICK / ARC 2-in-1.

This Tig welder is optimized to deliver a flawless weld. Additionally, it is an inverter-controlled welder, making for a light, ground-breaking bundle.

The Amico TIG-160DC is furnished with a constrained fan arrangement to keep things running cool longer, one reason it has such a decent duty cycle at max power. This machine accompanies a 13-foo light lead. The Amico TIG-225 accompanies a 1-year guarantee.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Quality welder for the money
  • Works well on a generator
  • Nice beads
  • Extremely simple controls
  • 15-220 amps working range
  • Functions at “low power” fluctuations
  • Lacks gas regulator
  • Does not weld aluminum
  • Find it hard to start arc

Amico TIG-160DC is an extremely professional device as far as normal material welds are concerned and can be considered if you have no plan of welding aluminum as under 250$ price, Amico provides 60% of duty cycle at 220Amps.

Best Multiprocess Welder
Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter


  • Item Weight: 30.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.72 x 8.66 x 14.96 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 230 Volts

The Weldpro 200 Amp is considered among the top few best TIG welders and is extremely powerful machine which is built for multiple tasks and offers dual voltages.

It offers VRD overheat and overload protection with indication and allows user to use 3 processes at the same time instead of 1. While its primary considered as a MIG welding machine, but it can also handle flux core, and TIG, which is its plus point.

Additionally, this sort of flexible machine will provide a chance to the beginner to practice processes for any upcoming task. An extraordinary purchase at the cost, this model can deal with most assignments around the house and at work.

Additionally, the safety measures, vibrant digital display, and thermal protection makes it an incredible choice for the beginner. The portable tig welding machine design permits you to easily move it from place to place.

It’s also affordable tig welder and a flexible model that permits you to deal with a more extensive scope of welding measures contrasted with different machines in this price range, we would suggest it for both the beginner and the expert. It comes with 30% duty cycle at 200Amps.

  • Automatically adjust voltage and wire speed due to synergic design
  • Nice & beautiful bead
  • Great control on voltage and induction
  • VRD overheat and overload protection
  • Can handle 3 different welding processes
  • The package includes everything the beginner requires to get started
  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Extremely portable
  • Vague Instructions
  • Run wires for few seconds after finishing work
  • Lacks Spool gun

The Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter is one of the best options for mid-range users who need to save few extra pennies and get an extremely great quality TIG welder. As Weldpro 200 is low in cost and provides a decent amount of duty cycles along with multi-processes which is additionally covered with thermal protection. So this could be a great option if you want to save money and get a portable and mid-range strong tig welder.

Mid-Range Model



  • Item Weight: 90 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 12 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: STEEL
  • Power Source: AC/DC PULSE
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: No

The PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp is the tig welder that we mentioned before in the list and here’s it’s full review. Primeweld is an extremely amazing that is like the AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp TIG Welder and comes with Pulse Function that operates great with aluminum, stainless steel and thinner metals.

As said earlier, with AC welding and the accessible pulse settings, it’s an extraordinary tig welder for aluminum. The machine is altogether heavier and not as easy to understand. It has similar sort of change settings as the AHP AlphaTIG 200X. However, they are more convoluted for individuals who are simply beginning.

It is a high-frequency start tig with a hand torch control and precise foot pedal that gives the best tig welds and comes with welding heat control and a finger switch. These finger switch mid-range tig permit you to change your amperage on the fly. The pedal isn’t the comfiest to utilize, however, it’s as yet helpful and makes taking care of business simpler.

The air-cooled tig’s CK Superflex Torch is probably the best element of the welder, particularly for low amperage welding. It’s agreeable close by, adaptable, and lightweight for simple moving in various situations.

Despite the fact that, know that it’s not water-cooled, so it will warm up with broad high-amperage welding.

Ultimately, PRIMEWELD is best in class for client assistance. Most welding merchants take care of their clients. They ensure you are totally happy with your welder.

  • Pulse arc capabilities
  • Tremendous customer service
  • Welds aluminum
  • Includes foot pedal and finger switch
  • Easy to start arc
  • Vast range of settings
  • Very powerful and great control
  • Works great on both Ac and Dc
  • Heavy
  • Foot pedal could be better
  • Little bit loud fan

This welder has everything that a welder or typical home user requires in a welding machines as welding machines are bought once. With an extremely Tremendous Customer Service, plus pulse arc capabilities, PRIMEWELD is definitely the best option for those who don’t worry about few bulky machines. Apart from its heavy-weight, everything else is just top of the line and it can weld aluminum and other materials easily.

Dual Voltage
PowerArc 140ST

PowerArc 140ST


  • Processes: Stick (SMAW) and TIG (GTAW) methods
  • Weldable Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum (stick-only)
  • Input Power: 120/240 V, 60 Hz
  • Current Type: DC
  • Rated Output: 140 A @ duty cycle 35%
  • Amp Range: 10 A – 140 A
  • Minimum Amp DC TIG Start: 5A
  • Weight: 20 lbs

The Everlast PowerArc 140ST is truly a powerful machine and provides extreme value for your money yet it is not an ac tig welder. It is an extremely portable tig welder.

PowerArc 140ST is small, and the weight of PowerArc 140ST is only 24.8 pounds so you can move it easily anywhere in the working space. But don’t go on its size only; it performs extremely well when compared with other larger machines in terms of arc and stability. It is extremely great in arc quality.

It has extremely stable and smooth DC arc and consumes extraordinary less power. The best feature of PowerArc is its automatic hot start for reduced electrode sticking as well as digital display for easy and user-friendly settings.

The Everlast PowerArc 140ST is exceptionally energy efficient, so it won’t charge you more electricity and increase your bills. It is easy to use and installation process is also user-friendly. Professionals mostly utilize it as a backup machine so that they can run it at low cost.

The Everlast PowerArc has an adaptive hot start and an auto-adaptive arc force function. This feature is extremely helpful when it comes to starting the electrode or rod sticking which also makes it as the best tig stick welder. Other than welding Stick, this machine is additionally equipped for TIG welding, making it substantially more flexible.

Users who bought it really liked it as it can perform heavy duty welds easily.

Additionally, what makes the Everlast PowerArc 140ST a versatile welding machine is that it accompanies a double voltage capacity of 120v and 240v force. Implying that all you require is an electrical plug where to connect it.

Finally, the Everlast 140 comes along with all types of accessories sometimes known as suitcase tig welder. The carry case, Stick torch with a cable and DINSE style connector is part of the package. All the more in this way, you will likewise get a gas valve TIG light with cable and DINSE connector and a work clip.

  • Dual voltage input
  • Stick and TIG support
  • TIG lead also included
  • Quality built
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Comes with Lift Start TIG
  • Capable of making low 5 amp DC TIG start
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Not suitable for heavier welding
  • Very heavy cord
  • Regulator for TIG is not included in the box

The PowerArc 140ST is extremely portable and easy to carry due to its almost no-weight feature and is affordable as well. Extremely energy saving welder, the PowerArc 140ST is yet another most preferable selection from the users, you can see the reviews and it is also considered to be the best tig welder due to its small size and features.

Our Top Pick
TIG Welder, Diversion 180

TIG Welder, Diversion 180


  • Processes: TIG (GTAW)
  • Torch with Back cap
  • Ceramic Gas Cup
  • Remote Foot Control
  • Weld Thickness Range: Plain Steel – 22 ga. – 3/16 in
  • Weldable Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Input Power: 120/220 V, 60 Hz
  • Current Type: AC/DC
  • Rated Output: 150 A at 20% duty cycle
  • Amperage Output Range: 10 A – 180 A
  • Weight: 50 lbs

On the off chance that you are buying a new tig welder or new to TIG welding and just starting, and you need a good tig weld you ought to get yourself a solid welder. Our suggestion is the Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced welder you likely realize that the best TIG welders are built to create excellent welds. And yet, it takes more effort to wrap up. Likewise, learning requires persistence and patience. So the Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder is best for such a situation.

The Miller180 has enough force for more modest tasks and is viewed as more flexible.

It offers AC/DC Power Source, Fan-On-Demand, Digital Display, and Remote Amperage Foot Control and can easily weld Aluminum and other materials of various thicknesses.

The Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder is a high frequency tig welding machine that is explicitly built for the beginners. It has both 120v and 240v input power capacity and you can move up to it if you wish. This permits you to work with the applications that require more power and force.

It can easily perform heavy duty tasks, aerospace, and constructional tasks however, its primary focus and aim is to perform easy tasks like repairing small shops and garages, DIY projects, and other simple tasks.

It is among the best TIG welders for learners and beginners however, it costs a bit more.

It weighs around 50lb’s and performs 20% duty cycle and is an extremely durable welding machine which is built with ceramic and steel.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Works great on aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and mild steel
  • Easy to make adjustments
  • Industry-standard welding machine
  • Great tig welder for beginners and professional as well
  • High-Frequency start
  • Advanced AC squarewave for in-depth and fast freezing weld puddle
  • Remote Foot pedal
  • Spare parts are easily available along with a 3-Years warranty
  • Slightly expensive for home users
  • Low duty cycle
  • Expensive
  • Not made for rugged environment

Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder provides extremely amazing tig welds and it is the best tig welder to perform this kind of job. The built quality is good plus spare parts are easily available.

Aluminum Welder
Lotos TIG200ACDC

Lotos TIG200ACDC


  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Voltages: 240 volts
  • Power source: AC/DC
  • Material: Aluminum

The Lotos TIG200ACDC is an extremely great choice if you need a reasonable and affordable tig machine with a larger number of capacities than the Welding Machine 200 Amp HF Inverter Welder. It offers PAPST ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM which welds plasma with high quality.

The machine welds anything easily as there aren’t an excessive number of functions to learn however there are sufficient assortments to assist you with expanding your abilities past physical welding procedures.

It not only provides DUAL VOLTAGE INPUT, but it is also an automatic Dual Voltage tig machine with Dual Frequency. The foot pedal that is incorporated with the machine is also made up of great materials. It provides precise welds just lacks finger switch.

Lotos welders are commonly reasonable and simple to utilize welding machines. The TIG200ACDC is one of their best single-reason machines, in spite of the fact that it has stick welding abilities, as well.

It’s not intended for substantial use for merchants welding every day, except some manufacture shops utilize this routinely and think that it’s a decent optional machine.

If you are an experienced TIG welder needing a head of the best TIG welders machine, this welder in all likelihood won’t suit you. However, it’s an incredible 200-amp welder for anybody needing a reasonable welder to sharpen their skills.

  • Low price
  • Great for aluminum welding
  • Includes foot pedal
  • High-frequency start
  • Perfect for beginners
  • HF start hand torch and accurate foot pedal
  • Suitable for welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and other metals
  • No finger switch
  • No pulse arc capabilities
  • Some time amps won’t change

The only cool thing about this machine is that it is focused to provide all those features only which are required during the normal welding process to provide the best price to the user. It can be a good starter tig welder. However, Lotos have here, focused on only those features which are required by 90% of the people to achieve their typical welding job. So it’s an extremely great option as it can work with any kind of material and only skips those features are generally not required on regular basis.

Excellent Design
Lincoln K5126-1

Lincoln K5126-1


  • Processes: TIG (GTAW) Stick (SMAW)
  • Weld Thickness Range: Steel – 22 ga. – 3/16in
  • Weldable Materials: Steel, Stainless, Aluminum
  • Input Power: 120/220 V, 60 Hz
  • Current Type: alternating/direct current
  • Rated Output: TIG 200 A at 25% duty cycle
  • Amperage Range: 10 A – 200 A
  • Weight: 46 lbs

The Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder is a great Electric tig welder machine in terms of usage and portability. It is is a portable and stick welding machine that allows hobbyists, DIY’s, small businesses and craftsmen explore their creativity. It is designed to expand the welding experience.

This is an all around designed machine with smart arrangement of the various settings and fair foot pedal and light. It’s likewise a simple to utilize machine. The guidance manual is clear, yet fairly excess; since there is almost nothing you need to know to run it well.

The price of this welder is bit high for the provided features. A few clients who get the machine either don’t get the chance to utilize it since it shows up broken, or it begins working, yet it breaks in a brief period thereafter.

Lincoln ordinarily replaces it under their warranty framework; however, they don’t have the best customer service, which makes the experience less lovely. However, It is expensive and unsatisfactory for such a notable brand.

We would suggest putting resources into a more costly Miller machine which is destined to be solid. Or the consequences will be severe, spend significantly less cash on the AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp TIG Welder or PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp TIG Welder and have a dependable machine with broad welder settings.

  • Well-designed
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent foot pedal
  • Great for hobbyist
  • Portable, you can use it everywhere
  • Nice torch
  • The cost is pretty high
  • Lack of welder adjustment including post flow
  • Pulse feature is limited to 20PPS

This is a great TIG welder for a hobbyist, or even for a low production shop. The fact that it is 110 and 220v makes it an extremely portable and user-friendly machine and you’re not restricted to use it in a certain area.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Perfect TIG Welder

When it comes to buying the best TIG welders, few things should be kept in mind before making the final decision:


Setting a budget plan before buying the TIG welder can assist you with choosing the right welder. Try not to overlook the items that are somewhat more costly, however. You may find that you can improve welder for just $20 or $50 more.

Reasonable TIG welders can cost under $250 like Amico TIG 160 and can go further to around $3000. So try to buy the welder that suits your needs.

Above, we have listed all the best TIG welders with all of their features and specifications that you should be looking into the great welders. Try to find out the best one that fits your requirements.

Arc Quality

Arc quality is the quality of the welding process that is an output of joining metal to metal by the use of electricity to create heat to melt metal, and binding of the metals. The better the arc quality, the better are the results.

Pulse Rate

More established machines produce around 4,000 to 4,500 pulse for each second, latest welders can deliver up to 5,000 pulses consistently which makes them the best TIG welders.

It reduces the warmth that contacts the metal to shield it from breaking. TIG welders with a higher pulse rating give you more control and produce a more grounded and stable weld.

AC/DC Tig Welder

If you need to weld more than steel, like aluminum, etc, then it is better that the TIG welder should have the both AC and DC options available. The AC will be used for welding soft metals, such as Magnesium and Aluminum, whereas DC is required to weld hard metals like Copper and Steel.

Foot Pedal

With top tig welders, you’ll probably need to look for the one which has foot pedal, as you’ll be requiring your both hands control the weld. You’ll keep one hand on the light and the other one on the filler bar. With the foot pedal, you can control the welder.

The best foot pedals have a characteristic point to the ground that won’t create any pain or uneasiness in your foot.

Air or Water Cooled

TIG welders likewise accompany a feature called either water-cooled or air-cooled, which clarifies how the welder cools down itself as it reaches to its max temperature. Air-cooled models utilize the temperature of the encompassing air and can run hot. This will shield you from working in tight spots on the grounds that the warmth enters your work gear.

With a water-cooled TIG welder, you can all the more effectively handle the extraordinary temperatures. Some who purchase air-cooled welders later wish that they put resources into water-cooled models.

Amperage Range

Another component to consider is the amperage range of the TIG welder. You’ll probably need a wide range that can help you in various circumstances and applications. A more modest range can restrict your usage of the TIG welder and make it difficult to use in on some welding positions.

A decent range is typically between 5 amps and 200 amps. This lets you weld aluminum and handle hardened steel. With the best TIG welder, you may not require some other machines for your work.

Duty Cycle Rating

Tig welders with high duty cycles are preferred more than lower ones. Check the duty cycle ratings of the welding machines before buying as well as high duty cycle welders allow you to work without any pause and the breaks.

Duty cycle of any tig welder is the amount of time the welding machine can be operated at a provided output without heating up, and it is often measured as a 10-minute cycle wherein the welder can work consistently before overheating.

A 40 percent duty cycle implies you can weld for 4 straight minutes at the evaluated power.


When buying the best TIG welders, you should keep in mind that it should be portable enough to be utilized in almost any location over and over again. For some portability may not be a concerning point.

However, if the power supply is far away from the working area or moved somewhere else within the working zone, then portability of the tig welder is definitely an important thing to consider. So if you have this thing in mind then always select lightweight TIG welder as well as portable so that you never face issues while welding in such circumstances.

Best tig welders buying guide


Tig Welders are widely available online, but you can directly buy it at physical stores as well like Walmart, etc. The Tig Welder of these brands listed above are easily available in almost every country.

The cost of Tig Welder varies and is different according to their specifications and features. It can easily cost around 150$ to 1000$. The cost can also go up according to the features and built of the welder.

There are numerous options to get the best tig welder for the money. It all depends upon the need and the specification. But according to our point of view and most demanding is the AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG Welder which comes with a normal range of price and is almost packed with all the requirements.

Without a shielding gas, you will consume the Tungsten, pollute the weld, and won’t get any infiltration into the work piece. The cycle for TIG welding and ARC welding is VERY comparative where you have a lead with a terminal holder or “light”. So in case you’re hoping to weld without gas, yet could see yourself bouncing into TIG welding at a later point, we’d recommend getting a multi-process TIG welder that permits you to ARC or Stick weld moreover

Always consider the amperage range while choosing a TIG machine. You need one that gives the largest amperage range at the most ideal expense. A TIG machine with too thin an amperage reach can seriously restrict the assortment of materials on which you can weld.

On the off chance that you plan on welding something other than steel or pure, the privilege TIG machine should offer both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) alternatives. For instance, you should utilize AC on self-oxidizing delicate metals like aluminum and magnesium, and you will require DC for welding on hard metals, for example, steel, tempered steel, and deoxidized copper.

Other Factors Include:

  • The Right Controls
  • Easy to Use
  • Quality Design


As somebody that is hoping to buy his or her first tig welder, you have a ton to consider from the above best TIG welders. It is significant that your buying choice depends on your special welding needs and spending plan. In the event that you don’t anticipate welding aluminum at any point in the near future, bringing about the extra expenses of purchasing something with an AC power yield doesn’t bode well.

Make sure to save the requirement for additional items like foot pedals and cooling hardware at the top of the priority list. When purchasing any of the items listed above, you can hope to see better than expected execution and quality. Browsing this list basically expects you to think about your capacity foundation, arrangement, welding needs, and individual preference.

If you’ll ask us for the then AHP AlphaTIG 200X is the best tig welding machine overall. Other than that Weldpro’s Digital TIG200GD, Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Multi-Process, Amico TIG-160DC, and Hobart 50051 EZ-TIG 165i are definitely the better options as they all have top of the line features and meet all the general requirements especially the AHP AplhaTIG 200x. A lot of customers are happy and left 5-star reviews and it can give you the best value for your money.

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