Top 12 Essential Welding Tools List – Updated 2021

If you’re just starting your welding business or just doing it for fun, there is a list of must-have equipment that are essential for every welder who is just starting out. Another important thing that makes this article most significant is that there is a huge list of starting tools that can be a bit confusing for beginners in the sense that which is more important to buy first than the other one.

So here we present the welding tool list that will guide you through the important ones that should be bought first.

Top 12 Essential Welding Tools List

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Welding Magnets
Sheet Metal Gauge
Metal File
Welding Clamps
Welding Gloves
C Clamps
Safety Glasses
Angle Grinder
Metal Brush
Chipping Hammer
MIG Pliers

1. Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

This is the first and basic welding tool that is essential for every welder. There are varieties of welding helmets available in the market and at online stores to go with but any basic helmet can work well.

Personally, the auto-darkening welding helmet will be a good choice that can work according to the situation. It is good to see the welds as it reduces the shades and allows you to see the object clearly hence accuracy is increased.

2. Welding Magnets

Welding magnets are essential in the sense that you can create 90-degree angles with your projects. It can be good for creating welding frames for tables, fire pit grates, etc.

There are many sizes available for various projects so you can go and purchase multiple magnets.

3. Sheet Metal Gauge

This tool is extremely important for finding out the thickness of the metals. It is crucial as we all know that various welder settings are required for different types of metals.

Always remember that precise setting is required for the right thickness level. The gauge will give you the reading upon placing the metal between two heads. It reduces down the hassle and that is why we have included it at third position.

4. Metal File

You’ve likely utilized metal files previously, in the event that not on a welding project, at that point on your fingernails.

They’re extraordinary to utilize when completing a task. At the point when you’ll start welding your metals, you’ll have loads of metal burrs that you want to clean up.

You could do this by utilizing a metal file to get the finishing of the project. They are cheap and good tool to have around.

5. Welding Clamps

This next basic and essential welding tool is welding clamps. Get as many of them as possible as you’ll be requiring them often. They help to hold the metals correctly at their places and do not allow them to move so you can cut or weld the desired portion which is impossible with hands.

6. Welding Gloves

The obvious tool is welding gloves. There are many times that you’ll be requiring them to protect your hands from getting nasty and painful cuts and they will also help your hands to stay away from various burns.

The gloves are of different types. The thick one are used to protect hands from cuts and burns whereas, thin gloves are used specially in TIG Welding to get the precision and accuracy during the weld.

They often last long and will help you in many cases as temperature during welding is extremely high so it can damage your hands.

7. C Clamps

C-Clamps are really helpful and they are different from other clamps mentioned before. C Clamps are basically used to hold the piece of equipment or metal that is laying flat on the table.

If you need to make a punch hole inside your metal or just want to add a screw point then this tool comes in handy as it can fix the metal in the desired position and the work becomes easy. Personally suggested, buy 5-10 C-Clamps as well to avoid the delays.

8. Safety Glasses

They are really helpful while using angle grinders. They will protect your eyes from sparking and flying metal pieces that are produced during grinders. They are pieces of metals that can severely damage your eyes so it’s better to purchase some good quality safety glasses before proceeding towards grinding. Some people also but grinding shields. They also fall in same category.

9. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are essential for cutting metals. You cannot get a speedy and accurate cut without them. It can also smooth the surface of the shaggy surface of the metal. People often buy pair of angle grinders, one for grinding, and one for cutting.

10. Metal Brush

A metal brush comes in handy when your welding process is creating a slag. If you’re welding utilizing a stick welder or flux core arc welder you’ll be required to clean up the slag coating to get the final weld.

Metal brushes and chipping hammers are made for such purposes. The slag coating is developed during the welding to act as a shielding agent to protect the weld for smaller period of time. Afterward, you need to get rid of this slag and a metal brush helps with that.

11. Chipping Hammer

As mentioned earlier that if you are using flux core arc welder or stick welder you’ll be requiring to chip away at the slag coating to unleash the final weld.

This is where chipping hammer is utilized. It depends upon the personal preference that which tool you bye, metal brush, or a chipping hammer.

12. MIG Pliers

MIG welding is the easiest process to learn for beginners hence Mig pliers are extremely useful for MIG welding.  So, if you’re going to learn MIG welding, you’ll definitely be requiring Mig pliers.

From removing splatters to removing tips and nozzles, they are used everywhere and have several functions. So they are the must-have tool for MIG welders and others as well.

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